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Luxury Temptations - Priviata designer lingerie collection

Porzia T means luxury temptations, be spoiled by luxury of lingerie dedicated to women's senses and
pleasure, to the desire to seduce by wearing precious and delicate fabrics that indulge the senses and take
them into a dimension of sophisticated intimacy, a private and malicious limbo where luxury becomes a daily pleasure.The exclusive quality of selected fabrics and materials is enhanced by an exceptional handmade production, the couture sartorial skills applied to lingerie, the excellence of a sophisticated design: not just fashion, but unique pieces of art, elegant and refined symbols of the finest Italian style.Dreams, emotions, rarefied atmospheres.

A game of seduction where the key elements are silk satin, the tones of rose and black, as well as sparkling crystals that are applied like drops of jewels on the garments; which are all entirely lined with the purest silk to softly caress the body.

Paola Tessariol started her designer lingerie brand Porzia T less than a year ago in October 2008 after working at Versace, Dolce&Gabbana. Paola presented her first collection,Collezione Privata in January 2009 in Paris at the Expo Salon Internationalde la Lingerie and is set to become one of the worlds leading lingerie designers.Exclusive to Honeys Lingerie Boutique in the UK we are very proud to have this exquisite couture brand as part of our Italian designer lingerie collection.

Porzia T

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