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Epure by Lise Charmel

Epure lingerie by Lise Charmel was founded by the original founder of the Eres brand in 2011 especially and exclusively for Lise Charmel. the designer has continued to design these Epure collections exclusively for Lise Charmel using only the very best of European materials of the highest standards quality , and the concept is a pure , natural feeling lingerie , to make you feel like a second skin.

Designed for a woman to be elegant and sensual in sophisticated fabrics with a second skin feel. Epure is a true luxury lingerie brand all about simple lines, highest quality fabrics, unlike its sister brands Eprise and Lise Charmel, Epure not about the fit and bra support- Epure about feeling like you are not wearing a bra!

Epure UK lingerie at Honeys is available to order in the UK for dispatch worldwide.


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