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Bra Sizing

An incorrect fitting bra is not only uncomfortable but also unflattering and will not give you the correct support and silhouette you need and desire. Beautiful bras should not only look fabulous but also feel comfortable to wear. In fact, if your bra fits well you are likely to forget you are even wearing it!

A step by step guide to calculating your bra measurement

There are two important measurements you will need to determine your bra size:

  1. The Back measurement, under the breast this represents the numeric bra size the 34 in 34d.
  2. Then the Cup measurement (over band) the fullest part of the breast, this will be needed to calculate your cup size A to H.
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Bra Fitting Advice

Fit your bra in front of a mirror

  1. Put the bra straps over your shoulders, lean forward and allow your breasts to fall into the cups and fasten the bra on to the end hook. Your bra may need to be fastened on to middle hook through wash and wear.
  2. Adjust the straps either shorter or longer depending on your body length. The straps should sit firm, but not put pressure on to your shoulders. You should be able to slip a finger under the straps. At this point take a good look at your Bra in the mirror

We have found that one of the most common problems ladies have, is wearing a cup size that is too small and a back size that is too big.

Bra Fitting Tips

Here are our tips for achieving the perfect fit.

Cup size

  • The centre front of the bra should sit flat against your body, if it doesnt your cup size is likely to be too small. Try going up a cup size i.e. B to C
  • If you feel the fabric on the cups is gaping, then it is likely the cups are too big, try going down a cup size.
  • If your bust is flowing over the bra cup, you will need to go up a cup size.
  • The under wire of your bra should be sitting on the breast wall, and not on the breast tissue, if it is you need to try going up a cup size.

Back (band size)

  • The back of your bra should sit firmly around the rib cage (just enough space for two fingers); it must not ride up above your shoulder blades. This is normally an indication that the back of the bra is too big go down to the next band size i.e. from 36 to 34.
  • If you have itching or red marks around the band area, this may be a sign that your bra is too tight.