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Monthly Archives: July 2017

New Pleasure State AW 2017 Collection

We are so in love the new lingerie collections from Pleasure State, fabulous new designs and the bras are now available in selected collections to a G cup!

Gone is all the confusion with the brands being split in to Pleasure State white label, Pleasure state VIP (larger cups) and Pleasure State couture and Boudior. All pleasure state collections will be available although with varying price points under the main branding of Pleasure State. We will be incorporating all of our new collections simply under the Pleasure State heading on our website.

There have been a few changes with the look of some of the newer collections with one of the leading designers at Pleasure State working for a high end French brand previously and if you know your lingerie you will see her little details that make these new collections even more special.

Its always been about the detail with Pleasure State and this AW collection is no exception as you will see from the latest line Rosita Fortuna the detail is exceptional and the lingerie simply exquisite! Enjoy!




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30% Off with Antinea with any Lise Charmel or Eprise purchase

We are so sure that you will love the new addition to our boutique the Antinea spacer bra collection we are offering a fantastic introductory offer here at Honeys. (Read our previous blog for a full review on this superior spacer bra)

Buy any lingerie from Lise Charmel or Eprise by Lise Charmel lingerie ranges and receive 30% off any Antinea spacer Bra and briefs.

This fantastic offer will mean you can own buy any of our Antinea spacer bra‘s for just £38.50! Enjoy!



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Anitnea Spacer Bra – What is a Spacer Bra?

As you may know here at Honeys we pride ourselves in offering our customers some of the most exquisite designer lingerie from the world’s top and most innovative designers. But exquisite does not just stand for fancy lace and silk. Yes, you are hearing me right!

As every woman knows the staple of any lingerie drawer must be a T shirt bra. In summer nude is just perfect for under your light clothing, yet T shirt bras can still show and that beautiful soft designer top you bought as it hung so effortlessly on your body can still be ruined with one bad T shirt bra.

The Antinea Spacer Bra is flawless dressing, the perfect T shirt bra and a lightweight alternative to a padded bra without all the extra bulk. Designed by the lingerie experts at Lise Charmel we knew this bra was going to be good but did not realise just how good until our customers came back for more after only wearing their first for a few days.

Once you wear this bra there will be no other alternative. I have struggled with T shirt bras for years! Mainly due to my complete obsession with beautiful lingerie, every time I knew I needed to wear a T shirt bra with that top or dress that was soft as silk! I would still be fighting with myself as I slipped on a padded T shirt bra and wriggled uncomfortably in push up padding and uncomfortable wires. Antinea’s Spacer bra is anything but an ordinary T shirt bra!

The Antinea Spacer bra is designed in a unique way to create foamy air pockets that allow air to pass through the cup, so light and breathable the spacer bra gives a feeling of second skin but don’t be fooled in to thinking this means no support. The design of a spacer bra is that support is paramount and it proves this even when wearing the larger cup sizes like E, F , G and H, it supports and shapes without the feeling of heavy fabrics.

The Intelligent fabric of the spacer bra allows the bra to move with you and its breathable fabric means it is particularly good in hot weather, being so light this bra washes and dry’s very quickly, meaning it’s also great for light sports such as golf, walking, cycling and skiing.

Antinea spacer bra offers natural shaping in two different styles. The heart shape spacer bra with a plunge neckline and very popular half cup shape, both bras have really pretty embroidery detail on the straps. Of course they do, this is Antinea by Lise Charmel!

Maybe Antinea should have named this bra the air bra as it’s so effortless to wear and feels light as air.

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