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New Tatu Couture collections yet not a Tattoo in Sight!

Over a year ago one of our favorite designers Luisa Sidoli owner of Tatu Couture came to the boutique to show us her new collection, at the time I remember thinking WOW!

I was already a massive Fan of her designs as they were totally different from anything else in the Lingerie industry, beautiful luxury lingerie with exquisite pieces of art on nude or black tulle to give the illusion of a Tattoo without committing to something on your body for life. Now anyone could enjoy body art at any time, not only that but lets face it you could even change the design by changing your lingerie! Genius!!

So last Autumn we met Luisa  and I was completely blown away by the new collection, some pieces have the signature Tatu Couture design but this collection has grown up! This cutting edge sexy lingerie includes peep bras, lace bodysuits, swarokski crystals, sexy bodys, mesh bras, lace bras and a collar and harnesses, the ultimate statement in Bondage chic.

Here is a quick peek at this beautiful Luxury Lingerie by Tatu Couture, not a Tatoo in sight but the design is unmistakably Luisa Sidoli! See our website for the whole collection.





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