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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Colour Me Happy! Think Pink

1Do you consider colour when purchasing your designer lingerie, swimwear and silk nightwear?  Whilst black, white and cream are the nation’s favourite when it comes to what you wear underneath, Honeys Lingerie Boutique is embracing all colours in our mini blog series on colour and what it says about you! (more…)

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4Time to get adventurous on our lingerie blog! Honeys Lingerie Boutique have launched our new boudoir accessories collection of erotic accessories and boudoir sets by BIJOUX  INDISCRETS. Sophisticated yet playful these gorgeous boudoir accessories will give hours of pleasure and surprise. Exclusive BIJOUX INDISCRETS box gift sets come with all you will need for that special bedroom experience.

L’Eau a Deux boudoir Setis the perfect choice for a romantic sensual evening Massage oil, bath foam, music CD, 4 candles and massager. Or spice up the boudoir glamour with Bling Bling Box SetShiny body powder, feather tickler &  feather cuffs. These gorgeous boudoir sets also make a perfect gift  as the collection also includes the most sensual L’Essence du Boudoir bedsheet and bedroom scent and Bliss Bliss Massage Gel.

BIJOUX  INDISCRETS is an invitation to discover a sensual surprise it offers a provocative combination of eroticism and sophistication for lovers. A combination beyond dimensions ideas, sents, tates, sounds and sensation from a subtle blend suggesting unique experiences and unforgettable moments….

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Colour Me Happy! Blue for the Boys?


We’re on a roll with our colours blogs, showing you how your personality can help to pick the right colour when choosing from our gorgeous range of designer lingerie, designer beachwear and silk nightwear.

Who’s blue?  Well it’s definitely not just for the boys, but those who favour this hue will be one of the boys!  You’re very trustworthy, faithful and always up for a bit of fun and a laugh.  You don’t take things too seriously and that echoes in your choice of lingerie.  From Sally Jones French Navy and Nougat is the perfect mix of 100% navy silk, nougat coloured lace finished with satin bows and ruffles of rich French trim and there’s a cheeky eye mask available too to double the fun!

We’re in the Pink next time on our lingerie blog!

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Colour Me Happy – Our Green ‘piece!’


We’ve been concentrating on colour on our lingerie blog recently with our first one dedicated to all things red and how your choice when buying designer lingerie and designer beachwear and swimwear, tells all about your personality.

Up next is Green. Green signifies peace and relaxation, you’re a Miss World in the making, a lover of all things natural, you ooze compassion and you are always conscious of your partners needs and desires.  Beware though, green isn’t the easiest colour to wear and you don’t want to end up blending into your garden shrubbery, stick to gentle shades, warm, muted tones and you can’t go wrong.  Look at our Valery Blu Radiance and  Aloe Vera bikini for the best way to go green this vacation!

Join us next time for our lingerie blog on Blue!

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Fleur of England (Fleur T) new collection "Keepsake"


Honeys Lingerie Boutique, lingerie blog is delighted to announce the arrival of Fleur of England (previously Fleur T) new collection Keepsake”. This beautiful designer lingerie collection is made of the finest silks and leaver’s lace, designer and owner Fleur Turners attention to detail has never been so apparent as in this collection.

Classic elegant and stylish the range continues with Fleur of England classic designs including balcony bra, plunge bra and as well as their trade mark Fleurtatious bra. The extremely sexy boudoir bra combined with a silk bow tie brief is stunning.

Fleur of EnglandKeepsake” also features silk nightwear including a silk baby dolland Kimono.  The dusky grey colour of the exquisite silk and lace is the perfect addition to your autumn winter designer lingerie collection.

Take a look at other Fleur of England, Fleur T posts on our Lingerie Blog.

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Studio 34 featuring Honeys Lingerie Boutique Fashion Show

Picture 1

Studio 34  Fashion show featuring Honeys Lingerie Boutique “The BoatHouse” Sutton Coldfield Thursday 20th August 6.45pm.

Tonight is the Night!  We will be showcasing  our fabulous designer lingerie , designer beachwear and gorgeous silk nightwear by Mixona and Porzia T at the very glamorous Studio 34 fashion show exquisite clothes, accessories by studio 34, lingerie and beachwear by Honeys combined with a gorgeous lake side  setting, wine, delectable buffet and dancing the night away in a beautiful marquee what more could a girl wish for!

Oh yes shoping! and we have that for you to all featured items and more will  be available to purchase after the Fashion  Show with very exclusive fashion show prices.

We have a small number of last minute tickets available call Studio 34 on 01564 792229.


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Style Our Souls – rescue your wardrobe!


We all open our wardrobe once in a while and whilst we probably have more clothes than we need, we still can’t find anything to wear.

Well Honeys Lingerie Boutique have found someone to help our SOS Wardrobe call and she’s fab.  Emma Welling from Style Our Souls is a stylist and personal shopper.  She’ll walk you through your wardrobe piece by piece, detoxing and decluttering and then she’ll help you find the perfect capsule items to make sure you are always looking hot!

We caught up with her recently and she happily answered our mini interview featured on our Lingerie Blog, Designer Lingerie and Fashion  Features Page.

Check our her website at

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Colour Me Happy! Are you in the Red?


Our beautiful designer lingerie comes in many different colours and we’ve been taking a closer look at colour here at Honeys Lingerie Boutique and there’s a lot to be said about your personality by the colours you choose.

When you buy our gorgeous designer lingerie, silk nightwear and fabulous designer beachwear, don’t just think of the obvious black, white and cream.  Add some colour and check out our suggestions below and our over next few lingerie blog to bring out the best in you!

So we’re starting with Red.  The colour red shouts from the rooftops, women who choose this powerful colour demand attention, stand out from a crowd and are fizzing with sexual energy.  Wear it rarely to make more of an impact and to show you mean business!  Our new designer Mixona gets it spot on with Lauren, a silk satin and lace chemise or what about Sally Jones Celeste’s red satin camisole and cheeky shorts?

Up next on our lingerie blog …Green!

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Colour is crucial for looking good


Looking & feeling great in our designer lingerie is not only due to finding the best fit, but also finding the right colours that suit our skin tone and make us look gorgeous!

Research has shown that we all fall into one of four groupings. Named after the seasons, you can find out your perfect colour palette depending on your skin tone, eye and natural hair colour.

Autumns tend to be brunettes with strong features who have a rich brown hair who suit warmer, deeper colours.  Autumns can also be red heads, looking your best in chocolate brown, cream, mustard yellow, terra cotta and olive greens.  Steer clear of bright garish colours or black or white. (more…)

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"The Art of Seduction"


Bring a little spice and fun into your lingerie drawer and brush up on your seduction techniques with a few light-hearted editions courtesy of Honeys Lingerie Boutique and it’s exquisite collections of designer lingerie, silk nightwear and a few sexy extras to heat things up a bit! (more…)

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