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The late Marilyn Monroe’s famous bra is to go to auction this week end and is expected to fetch thousands of dollars.

Marilyn Munroes Bra

Head of its time and years before the wonder bra was invented  the bra Marliyn Monroe wore reaveals several bust enhancing features to give the legends natural attributes a  helping hand.

It’s refreshing to know that even the most beautiful Hollywood stars have the same issues with their body’s as us mere mortals and that Marilyn’s cleavage appeared even more “ample” due to  her  fabulous her bra having a “double cup” design. The bra also had features such as two sets of straps which would have made it difficult to see under the stars clothing.

Madonna’s famous black satin conical bra worn on her Blonde Ambition tour of the 80’s, designed by the legendary Jean-Paul Gaultier was recently auctioned for a staggering £14,100. It will be very interesting to see just how much Marilyn Monroe’s bra will fetch at auction this weekend.

Update  24/07/09  we were all very interested to find out how much  Marilyn Monroe’s  bra sold for well it reached a staggering  $5200 that’s £3148 who would have thought that the material girl Madonna’s bra would fetch over four times the amount of Marilyn’s, it just goes to show the power of the much loved  Pop Icon

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