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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Farrah Fawcett Remembered

Farrah RememberedAmerican actress and style icon Farrah Fawcett died recently after an ongoing battle with cancer. We at Honeys Lingerie want to highlight this amazing woman’s talents and achievements and just give you a little insight into her incredible life.

She will of course be remembered most famously for her role as Jill Munroe in the TV series Charlie’s Angel, playing the part of a private investigator for the infamous Charlie! Although she only played the part for one year, everyone of a certain age was glued to their TV screens once a week, while she kicked butt and karate chopped her way to stardom.


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The History of Swimwear and Beachwear


Here at Honeys Lingerie Boutique we pride ourselves in our exclusive Italian designer beachwear ranges by some of the world’s top swimwear and beachwear designers.  Not only can you can now have the most sexy bikinis and designer swimsuits, you can match them up with beautiful matching accessories including Paero wraps, silk beach dresses and even an exquisite beach cardi which will take any fashion conscious beach babe from the beach to the bar in a matter of seconds!

But have you ever wondered how designer beachwear and swimwear appeared on our fashion radar?  Who invented the bikini?  What or who inspired the swimwear designs of today?

Take a look at Honeys Lingerie Boutique Blog latest page addition Swimwear and Beachwear History and let us guide you through the decades with a few nostalgic memories thrown in, we all remember Ursula Andress, the gorgeous Bond babe, as she rose out of the sea in that exquisite white bikini!  And who can forget the stunning beach babes of Baywatch in their gorgeous red one-piece?

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Fergie Wears Marlies Dekkers Bra!


Fergie looks spectacular wearing marlies|dekkers in the newest music video of The Black Eyed Peas!

Click the link above to see the latest Black Eyed Peas video “I gotta feeling” where the gorgeous front woman Fergie is looking incredible in a very sexy marlies dekkers bra and bottoms from the Triangle collection.

The Black Eyed Pease had their breakthrough in 2003 with “Where is the love” after their fourth album and Fergie pursued their solo careers. Now the B.E.P are back with their new album “The E.N.D” (Energy Never Dies).

We are big fans of  the lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers at Honeys Lingerie Boutique always unique, contemporary and empowering every design is made to be shown off!

Marlies Dekkers has a huge celebrity following with Britney Spears wearing Marlies Dekkers on her Circus tour and Alisha Dixon chose to wear a MD bra on her album cover, other celebrity fans include Juliet Binoche, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Monica Cruz and Girls Aloud to name but a few.

Katy ‘I kissed a girl’ Perry looks sizzling hot on the cover of American magazine ‘Complex’ in the marlies|dekkers bra from 2004 ‘Fontana’.


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Does your cup floweth over?

Does your cup floweth over?One vital statistic remains unchanged in this current unsteady climate and research results indicate that of the 70% of women wearing the wrong sized bra two years ago, all of them still seem to be getting it drastically wrong.

This ‘blunderwear’ epidemic is on the up and although women know every possible measurement of their other halves, their children, the exact right sized handbag to carry everything for every eventuality, they seem to come unstuck when it comes to matters of the mammaries.

Of the women surveyed, an amazing one in five have never been measured professionally and staggeringly nearly half (47%) have not been fitted for lingerie in the last two to ten years.


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Wedding Belle


Choosing the right Designer lingerie for your big day is right up there at the top of your priority list – making sure it’s the perfect fit, the right colour to match your exquisite wedding gown and most importantly, comfortable so you are not continuously adjusting yourself all day. We all want to get to the end of our perfect day and still be able to throw off our dress to reveal a sexy body encased in the most divine lingerie but how easy is it to transform from beautiful bride to sexy wedding night temptress?

Most brides will choose corset style basque underwear for their big day, to create the perfect silhouette, perhaps a gorgeous Waspie or the Christies Bouquet with delicate boned detail and suspender belt to hold up stockings and garter.


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Lingerie History


Lingerie takes its influences from everything around it, animal, vegetable and mineral, always re-creating, constantly re-inventing. Take the simple bra, for example, born out of necessity, but evolving into beautiful, delicate lingerie with inspirations from our glamorous ancesters, our avant-garde fashion designers and from the most unexpected sources from around the world.

Have you ever wondered where the word ‘lingerie’ came from or who or what inspired us to call a sexy nightie a babydoll!  Or just when in history did our love affair with these glamorous undergarments begin?

Take a look at Honeys Lingerie Boutique Blog latest page addition A “Brief ” History and let us guide you through the decades with a few nostalgic memories thrown in, do you remember Madonna’s vogue bra!

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Curves rule!

Curevs RuleA survey published recently hales the curvacious Kelly Brook as the sexiest celebrity body. According to more than 1500 UK men polled through More! Magazine, Kelly’s body beautiful with her natural curves and gorgeous lines was the hot favourite and won hands down against the likes of Victoria Beckham, who was given the title of worst celebrity body, and some of Hollywood’s hottest stars .


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Capsule swimwear


The ever popular self-catering hotel seems to be a thing of the past with the Euro taking it’s own holiday during this economic time of unrest. New resorts offering the ‘all singing, all dancing’ package are springing up in every corner of the world, complete with multiple pools, jacuzzis, beach front promenades, nightclubs and restaurants and offering ‘not to be missed’ all-inclusive deals. So it’s never been more important to ease from beach to bar or sunbed to nightclub without having to drag three suitcases away with you.

The humble bikini is no more and here at Honeys Lingerie Boutique you can see for yourself the multitude of exquisite accessories and matching garments designed to slip on when you nip off for something to eat or for an amble round the holiday shops. (more…)

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New Lingerie care page for your exclusive Designer Lingerie.

Sally JonesNew Lingerie care page for you to get the most out of your exclusive Designer Lingerie.

How often have you purchased the exclusive lingerie you have longed for,  and then been devastated having it ruined by poor washing, either by mistake being bundled into a pile and loaded it into the washing machine or due to our very hectic lives we lead thinking you could maybe get away with popping it in to the machine!

Then to add insult to injury you decide to replace it only to find out that it was a fashion piece that has now sold out of your size.

To get the best out of fine and designer lingerie read out recently added Designer Lingerie and Swimwear and Designer Beachwear care page  follow this simple guide and enjoy your exquisite purchase that little bit longer and without the added expensive of a replacement.

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Fleur T becomes Fleur of England


Fleur T becomes Fleur of England


One of our favourite designer lingerie labels Fleur T has relaunched as Fleur of England for its exquisite A/W09 Collection.


“The move was designed to better reflect the sophistication of the lingerie and its customers” says creative director Fleur Turner


“We were looking for a more elegant identity to reflect the luxury styling and the fit that are the things our customers love about our lingerie” she says “ Fleur of England captures that essence and highlights the fact that all our garments are designed and crafted in the UK”


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