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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Not just a pretty face

Not Just A Pretty Face
Open the pages of any glossy magazine and you’re hit by beauty. Beautiful fashion, stunning jewellery, gorgeous perfumes and the most striking of supermodels. You might be mistaken for thinking that these beautiful people would be missing something up top and have teams of people behind them, pressing all the buttons.

And you might be right about some, but recently a proportion of women famous for their looks are taking the lingerie world by storm and these women are most definitely more than just a pretty face.

Take Elle Macpherson, made famous for her Sports Illustrated covers, who is estimated  to be worth a cool $60million through her massively successful lingerie company Elle Macpherson Intimates. Victoria Beckham is most famous for her ‘pout’ and ability to walk in extremely ridiculous shoes. But this clever woman with a highly trained eye for fashion trends is now heading up the Giorgio Armani lingerie advertising campaign. Whilst we all flick through the pages and mutter under our breath about beautiful airheads, we’re actually a little more ‘green-eyed monster’ at their astute business brains sitting neatly under immaculately coiffed hair dos! We think it’s commonly known as having your cake and eating it too.

Yes! Supermodels eating cake, as if we weren’t jealous of them enough already!!

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A question of sport?

A Question Of Sport?As America plans to kick off its inaugural season in Lingerie Football this autumn, Honeys Lingerie Boutique asks “Would this work in the UK?” Firstly there’s the weather – football season tends to be in the coldest, wettest months of the year! Then who would manage the teams? With the exception of Karen Brady and Delia Smith, there aren’t many women in the sport. What other sports or leisure activities could be performed whilst wearing just one or two items of underwear? Well most extreme sports would have to be a no-no, for fear of snagged stockings, anything on snow or ice would be a little unbearable for the bare bits and we all know what chlorine does to our swimwear so water polo and diving are out of the question too! So where does that leave us? Let’s keep an eye on America and see how they do. You never know there could end up being an International lingerie football team from every country, wearing their finest bra and string – bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘World Cup’

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Burlesque Laid Bare

BurlesqueWomen everywhere keep fit in some form every week. Whether it be a trip to the gym, a brisk walk round the supermarket, a jog through the park or a bums, legs and tums. But more and more girls are embracing their bodies and showing them off in intimate Burlesque style dances for loved ones.

A chance for the modern-day woman to learn the old art of seduction and improve their body image … to release the inner minx and use their femininity in a saucy striptease style!

Honeys Lingerie Boutique loves the naughty yet sublime Burlesque style accessories of Madame V. From fringed tassle nipple covers to the Lili Li Short Fringed Kimono in exquisite vivid blue silk with crimson lining, Madame V’s luxurious bedroom accessories take on a fanciful feel. For confident showgirls, the reveal is most definitely in the concealed!!

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Make a statement with your underwear

blackInvesting in a statement piece for your wardrobe has never been easier. More wearable alternatives to the basque have emerged over the last few years and slipping them on as part of your daywear is much more common and you don’t have to be daring to do it.

Bustiers have become very popular, a hybrid of the basque and camisole and normally a little shorter in the waist, these gorgeous items of lingerie not only give you a fantastic figure as the boning in the design enhances your shape, they can be worn under jackets and blouses to take you effortlessly from the board room to the bar, to the bedroom!

The Italian Guepiere is an incredibly sexy boned basque with moulded cups that define and sculpt the figure. Christies now include this stunning design in most of its collections.

Another alternative is the waspie, allowing you the freedom of wearing your underwear as outerwear. Complete with detachable suspenders this sexy, versatile waist nipper is a must for the fashionista!

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Happy Birthday Chanel No. 5

Happy Birthday Chanel No. 5There are some marriages that last forever, the coming together of two to make one perfect union, an undeniable force that brings these single things and combines them to create something truly passionate. We can all name a partnership that works – strawberries and cream, Fred and Ginger, Brad and Angelina… and with one of the world’s most famous and delicious perfumes celebrating it’s birthday today, it reminds us how wearing a sexy perfume can only be enhanced by a gorgeous set of designer lingerie. One without the other is fine but both together is truly amazing. A drop of your favourite fragrance behind your knee can only enhance the experience of a beautiful pair of Girardi stockings!

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