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The stunning collections by Lindsey Brown Luxe resort wear have arrived this week!

The stunning collections by Lindsey Brown Luxe resort wear have arrived this week! Gorgeous embellished Kaftans, designer beachwear, dresses and tops made out of the finest silks are Lindsey’s signature style and this year the collections are more beautiful than ever.

Lindsey Brown Luxe has always been a popular designer here at Honeys, firstly with her Mya blue collections then Mya Blue Beach and recently changing and re branding to the well known and highly respected designers own name Lindsey Brown.

These luxury collections are inspired by Lindsey’s love of Travel and her second home in the beautiful Marbella, the beautiful colour of tropical waters, coral, pinks and sparkling sequins feature throughout our choice of embellished kaftans and beachwear.

The versatile Manhattan kaftan top is still one of the most popular and now available in a number of colours, wear at the beach, bar or with skinny’s at home or on holiday for a glamorous alternative to a top.

Here’s a quick look at some of the 2017 best picks!




New Lise Charmel Summer Collection

This is such an exciting time of year! New fashions appear on the high street we all hold our breath waiting to see what is going to be the “In Colour” for Spring Summer Lingerie. The past years have shown throwbacks to the 80’s neon’s (yuk!) they were not too hot the first time round! Although at the time I certainly was sporting a dubious shade of yellow!

Then came the floral Bohemian collections, the return of frills everywhere and this year fashion designers have inspired us with the Pyjama coat! Silk Robes that double as outerwear, so if your going to do this look in style please take a look at our stunning Silk pjs by Julianne and Lise Charmel. I a may be a dinosaur but honestly whatever next! Knickers worn on our heads!

Now we can “breath” the refreshingly refine Lise Charmel Gravure Corail and Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Collections have proven that fashion has not gone crazy! The most exquisite sorbet shades, perfect for the summer, silk, exquisite lace and babydolls with sexy string backs.We may forgive you for trying to wear theses as a dress as they are so much more classy than some of the dresses around with their barely there designs. Yes Camisoles are acceptable outerwear and very on trend still after a a good few years.

Lise Charmel lead the way with classic French fashion lingerie and yes even a stunning silk Pyjama coat in Coral which you may even find me sporting over a pair of shorts on the high street! Forgive me in advance for my fashion faux pas!

Spring has arrived! New Lise Charmel lingerie collection Bouquet Tropical

Oh we love this time of year the sun begins to shine and the new designer lingerie and designer swimwear collections keep arriving, if Floral lingerie is your favourite have  we got a treat for you!

Our latest lingerie collection by Lise Charmel – Bouquet Tropical is simply stunning, inspired by far off travels and distance shores, this exquisite luxury lingerie collection really does echo tropical florals just perfectly. This seasons trend for off the shoulder designs and frills is captured in a new Sexy Nighty which is divine.

The usual Lise Charmel lingerie shapes including, underwired, plunge and half cup bras, shorts, thong, Italian brief and nightwear are all available. Feel beautiful this season in Lise Charmel – Bouquet Tropical. Here’s a few pieces just to tempt you or shop the entire collection.


New collection Lise Charmel – Bouquet Tropical – Push Up Bra



Sleep and lounge in luxury with our beautiful designer Nightwear

We dont talk about nightwear as much as we should on our blog, it is actually one of the biggest selling items next to bras at Honeys and gosh do we have a lot to talk about!

Think we will start in order of our best sellers babydolls and chemises, yes we could argue that this is a lot to do with gifts being purchased for loved ones as they are a fantastic choice being dress sized its a lot harder to get it wrong but seeing as at the boutique we sell a lot to customers in general we thought you may like to know why.

The Chemise is such a versatile little item not only can you wear these around the house and for bed but silk Chemises are worn a lot of the time as what we would call a slip a few years ago and a chemise may also be named slip although can be worn as nightwear.  There are no rights or wrongs you can wear a slip, chemise or even a silk nightdress as a slip and the same is said for silk camisoles and shorts, these are worn as bed wear and camisoles as outerwear very often as its now very in Vogue!

One of our most popular designer nightwear collections is Lise Charmel nightwear as each piece is part of a lingerie collection, more often than not made of silk and trimmed impeccably with French Calais lace, a more everyday price tag Vanilla Nightwear is made from the softest fabrics and beautiful sets include PJ’s Chemise and robes.

At the luxury end you really can imagine anything more exquisite than Jane Woolrich nightwear, hand made to order in the UK Jane Woolrich has an attention to detail surpasses anything we have ever seen her silk nightwear and lingerie graces woman with the most refined taste.

The a look through our designer nightwear and silk nightwear pages to see the some of most beautiful nightwear available.

Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Silk Babydoll (2) Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Nightie SLC-54a Sonatine Short Gown 2Jane Woolrich 9775 & 9786. Jane woorich silk Chemise side 8362.

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A 8454514






Swim in Luxury, New Lise Charmel Swimwear 2017

We know our customers adore the exquisite Lise Charmel lingerie collections so we have got a real treat in store!

New Lise Charmel swimwear 2017 is now available to order, echoing the lingerie collections Lise Charmel Swimwear offers exquisite fabrics, beautiful embroideries and detail. The shapes will feel so familiar to those who adore their lingerie with a molded plunge cup, bandeau tops and tieside briefs all similar in shape and style to what your used to in fit and comfort of our Lise Charmel lingerie.

Watch out for the fabulous beachwear, the coverups are so elegant. Taking you from beach to bar or even popping to the shops in the style the French do so well! Classy, sophisticated lines to compliment the Lise Charmel Swimwear so well, enjoy!!


Lise Charmel Swimwear - Cascade Florale - Adjustable bikini Bottom

Lise Charmel Swimwear - Cascade Florale - Bikini Bottom Lise Charmel Swimwear - Cascade Florale - Tieside Bikini Bottom Lise Charmel Swimwear - Ajourage Couture – Swimsuit Blue Lise Charmel Swimwear - Ajourage Couture – Swimsuit front Lise Charmel Swimwear - Ajourage Couture Black Pareo Lise Charmel - Estival Party - Jumpsuit 1




Sometimes we just need a solution!

As our customers know here at honeys lingerie boutique we specialise in  some of the most beautiful designer lingerie collections in the world and wouldn’t automatically think Honeys solutions!

Sometimes especially as summer approaches you need a solution too see through clothing, backless dresses, low cut tops that no matter how beautiful a bra it just does not work and can be seen!

Last season we introduced bye bra to our website, this revolutionary breast tape comes in different shapes and sizes for different purposes, the breast lift tape with nipple covers gives uplift and coverage, ideal for backless dresses, the perfect cleavage tape is fantastic for low cut halter necks. Its worth watching the Bye Bra video for instructions as this shows how to get perfect results.

This season we have introduced Pleasure State Myfit this fabulous nude range offers Knock Out boost bra shaping and contouring with a low low plunge perfect for low cut dresses and seamless sealed seams, the thong and Brazilian brief  features fused seems for minimum vpl.

If your looking for the perfect luxury nude bra Lise Charmel nude  new designer lingerie collection Lodge en Fleurs is an exquisite nude collection featuring delicate floral embroideries perfect for summer dressing in style.

P236.38-4083F.FRAP_BF P236-4083F.FRAP_BB 8 Bye Bye Bra - Adhesive breast lift tape with nude silk nipple covers 3 Bye Bye Bra - Adhesive breast lift tape with nude silk nipple covers 4 PCT 3 P24_C97LS 1 P25_C97LS 2


New Pleasure State Collections

Pleasure State is one of the most popular brands we stock at Honeys, customers who wear pleasure state love the fit of the bras the pretty lace, forward thinking designs and opulent finishes all at an affordable price point.

The 2017 spring summer collection now merges all the Pleasure state labels for the first time under Pleasure State at Honeys so you can take a look at Pleasure State white label, couture, vip, myfit and boudoir all in one place hopefully making this easier for our customers.

This season Pleasure State Couture pulls out all the stops with a stunning swarovski detachable pearl necklace on the new Evangeline Edwards collection so up to the minute and a perfect fashion addition, Pleasure State white label sees another outing for the popular Anais Genevieve with this season’s two-tone rococo floral lace in grey simply beautiful. Pleasure State Couture - Evangeline - Edwards Demi Bra



Planning a Getaway? New Designer Swimwear has arrived!

Dreaming of far off places, wonderful shoreline, sipping cocktails wearing the most gorgeous swimwear and feeling fantastic? We have you covered!

If your planning a holiday and are looking for some of the most beautiful designer swimwear and designer beachwear, kaftans, cover ups and lace dresses honeys have the most exquisite collections. First to arrive this season are our Beach Bunny collections all live later in the week and available for next day delivery. Loved by Stars and worn by our customers Beach Bunny Swimwear has the most gorgeous bikinis and swimsuits adorned with hardware, jewels and quality fabrics.

Beach Bunny Swimwear - Desert Dreamer Fringe Beach Dress Got Me In Chains T1.B1 BLCK front 1 Hard Summer AQU - B16104T1.B2 front





Bridal Lingerie you will adore!

Honeys new collection of exquisite Designer Bridal Lingerie and Honeymoon Lingerie

So you have booked the date, bought the dress and all is set except you need to find the most beautiful bridal lingerie for your wedding day and sexy bridal lingerie for the wedding night and Honeys Moon, well lucky you have landed on the perfect website!

Honeys exquisite designer bridal lingerie collection is synonymous with luxury and style. Romantic silks and beautiful lace make every one of these exquisite carefully chosen pieces fill your wedding day with pure romance style and grace.

New collection Lise Charmel Orchid Paradis offers the finest in luxury bridal lingerie, Wild Orchards are embroidered throughout thiscollection, French embroideries are complimented on the nightwear by a luxury jacquard print on the silk sateen. The magical Orchid brings romance and beauty to this luxury bridal lingerie and Silk nightwear collection.

Eprise Orchid Bonheur - Full Cup Bra 1 Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Silk Pyjamas Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Basque Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Silk Babydoll Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Strapless Bra Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Waspie SuspenderShop the entire Bridal Lingerie collection

Surprise her! Not Every Woman wants red on Valentines day!

Valentines day, flowers a romantic dinner, chocolates and lingerie sounds fantastic! But dont be fooled by the media. Not every lady likes red lingerie so we thought we would inspire you with something a little bit different.

Black is classic, timeless and worn by most women at some point, you could go classic black and know she would really get her wear our of her Valentines lingerie, or add a twist of colour to the black, pink also is a great colour on valentines day.

Really thinking out of the box! Spring is aproching and what nicer than to treat your lady to beautiful designer lingerie she will wear throughout the summer, pretty cream, white in a black box with a red bow would still be a beautiful gift and something really welcomed if your loved one does not wear red!Lise Charmel - Ultra Feminin - Dalhia Feminin - Full Cup Bra Lise Charmel - Ultra Feminin - Dalhia Feminin - Half Cup Bra Lise Charmel - Ajourage Petales - Bra and sexy String Lise Charmel - Ajourage Petales - Nightie Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Negligee Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Babydoll Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Basque Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Carioca Bra 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Carioca Bra Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Fancy Stockings 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Garter Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Half Cup Bra 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Italian Brief 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Lace Eye Mask 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Nightie Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Push Up Bra 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Push Up Bra Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Sexy String 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Sexy Thong 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Shorty 2 Lise Charmel - Sexy Sortilege - Shorty Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Basque Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Silk Babydoll (2) Lise Charmel - Orchid Paradis - Silk Babydoll

SENSUALITY-BLACK-UW-BALCONY-BRA-WE122002-TANGA-WE122007-WAIST-CINCHER-WE122008-2 Wacoal - Sensuality - Black Contour Dress 2 Untitled imahe